We understand that your business must comply with rigorous safety standards. The safety of your staff and your infrastructure is of prime importance to you.

While using drones is safer than sending people to work from heights, it is still vital to be completely certain that your drone operators adhere to accredited safety systems to the meticulous standard that is required.

  • Drone Assessing Australia have the highest standard of safety in the industry. Our operators are CASA-certified and we maintain a culture of safety in order to reduce risk and deliver peace of mind to you.
  • Drone Assessing Australia follow a safety management system that is fully compliant with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements and Safe Work Australia regulations.
  • Drone Assessing Australia is OHS/WHS prequalified. This means that OHS/WHS specialists have audited and reviewed our safety systems and workplace management processes.
  • Our safety systems are independently audited, giving you peace of mind that we maintain the best practices in terms safety management.

Why is this important for your project?

Choose to work with Drone Assessing Australia for complete confidence that all regulatory requirements and safety risks are monitored and managed by our experienced professional team.

Our safety management approach saves you time, ensuring a productive and fully compliant operation. You will save on the cost of potential workplace health and safety issues. Our drones are remotely operated and reduce the need to work at heights, thereby reducing the risk of falls which are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries.