Know your building inside and out: quickly, safely and cost-effectively

In the past, in order to gain detailed insight into the condition of your buildings and infrastructure, you would have needed to carry out regular site shutdowns to conduct inspections. This would involve scaffolding, elevated working platforms and significant disruption. Also, the there is elevated health and safety risk along with large expense.

With drone inspections, your staff remain safely on the ground, while you obtain high-resolution, precise imagery from any possible angle.

Highly-detailed imagery using drone technology

Drone Assessing Australia’s specialised drone technology can efficiently carry out complete inspections of your assets. This allows you to monitor and assess the condition in a timely manner.

Our drones can be set up within minutes, providing you with access to a live high-quality video feed. This is significantly more practical than manual inspections.

Drone Assessing Australia offers the fastest and safest way to inspect your buildings and infrastructure. You can engage us to monitor your assets on an ongoing basis, allowing you analyse long-term changes in conditions carry out preventive maintenance.