Drone inspection

Drone Inspection and Assessing Services

Drone Assessing Australia is a professional Drone inspection company that service all major cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin and specialise in many aspects of property inspections using a drone.

What are some of the inspections drones are used for:

  • Insurance companies are now engaging drone companies to conduct visual inspections of damaged properties such as a house fire where its unsafe or impossible to enter the property
  • Property developers are also a regular client of Drone Assessing Australia to conduct monthly aerial progress shots so they can show there investors what progress is being made on the project
  • Local councils are using Drone Assessing Australia to monitor damage of their roads after heavy rain that has caused flooding which can’t be physically assessed except by flying a drone over the affected region to determine what early damage can be assessed.
  • Another client of Drone Assessing Australia is the state railways where we use our phantom 4 Drone to inspect or assess track damage to minimise time in walking the tracks. This saves a lot of time and money.
  • A very common Drone Inspection is of schools where there are Assessing roof damage after storms or for blocked gutters or damaged asbestos roof sheeting that may need replacing.

Drone Assessing Australia has many licensed drone pilots around the country that can attend to your inspection needs and provide a detailed report with aerial photographs or video. If you require our Drone Inspection Services then call is now at Drone Assessing Australia.