Efficient asset inspections using drone technology

Drone Assessing Australia can create digital models of your assets in ultra-high resolution. We then give you the tools to build a complete understanding of the asset.

Safe and efficient

The use of drone technology eliminates the need to use scaffolding and elevated work platforms to carry out asset inspections. Drone aerial imagery allows you to:

  • Reduce risk by reducing time your staff work at heights
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Quickly monitor changes in conditions over time
  • Reduce travel time
  • Increase productivity
  • Access accurate photographic records quickly and efficiently
  • Plan preventative maintenance through better asset knowledge

Drone imagery for asset inspection and monitoring

With imagery captured by drone cameras, we can help you manage your assets efficiently and cost-effectively, enabling you to make informed decisions and have greater control over your fixed assets.

Our specialised drones can carry out a detailed inspection of all your assets quickly and efficiently, so that you are able to monitor and assess the condition in a timely manner.

Drone Assessing Australia’s drones can be set up within minutes, offering you live high-definition visibility of and recording of detailed images.

Drone inspection is much safer and more practical than manual inspections, offering the fastest and most economical way to inspect your buildings and infrastructure. We can monitor assets on an ongoing basis, providing insight to analyse changes over time and carry out proactive maintenance.